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I woke up on Sunday with a terrible sore throat. However I had not gone for drinks as invited on Saturday night, specifically so I could get up and go for a long run on Sunday. So even though I knew what might be coming, I got up at 10 (still catching up on sleep from the previous two nights graduation based frivolities) and I ran 10 miles outside.

Often, but not always, the crown also starts to lose hair. This is likely due to changes in how the body processes certain androgens, the male sex hormones. In fact, men with MPD actually inherited a genetic sensitivity to the androgen dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

They all eventually die and it pushes Dr. Cox into a breakdown like we never seen before. They also played “how to save a life” in the background which made it so much more intense. I remember watching him create his own shot consistently and thinking to myself he never do this in Portland? I think one of the reasons is because he had other players who needed the ball on offense to be effective. Playing with the likes of Brandon Roy, Damian Lillard, and LaMarcus Aldridge made Batum the third sometimes the fourth option on the court. But whenever he was traded to the Hornets, you finally got to see what Batum was capable of.

On his own initiative, James made a full sized string drawing of this missile/fighter car. It had four fins, keyed to the location of the rear wheels. But James felt the rear didn’t look right, due to the long, barren, extended overhang. A good idea with mixed results. Why? Because the actor is not necessarily a good story reader. It is more then inflection.

Houston “was who we thought they were” which is a joke and a waste of a series which should have been really good. I go back to the Clippers being clearly the better team in that Houston series and then giving away game 6. I knew it wasn’t real and it wasn’t.

Means, had taken possession of the document from the President of the Secession Convention, David F. Jamison. The Ordinance was transferred to Columbia and kept in the office of the Secretary of State. National security apparatus to one of their own. But for Snowden it was something more, a chance to reaffirm to the world the purpose of his actions, for which he has been charged in absentia with theft and violations of the Espionage Act. Since escaping his country in late May with tens of thousands of its most secret documents “one of everything,” jokes one person with access to the stash Snowden has chosen to lie low.

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