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We’ve terminated pensions, weakened unions, made work more contingent and more precarious. Wal Mart cuts hours to avoid paying for health care. Some elected officials demonize teachers, and public employees, and turn public opinion against any regular worker daring to hope for a higher standard of living.

Kanye has been known to add his own touch to a camel colored Prada suit by adding a bright orange t shirt and a dazzlingly white pair of sneakers. So how does he pull off all these eye catching colors without turning into a fashion “don’t”? It’s similar to the principle interior designers use when choosing the colors for a room: just about any shade becomes a neutral backdrop if you use enough of it. Whenever Kanye goes bright, he tends to go with one color from head to toe.

Most people don’t really think about it, but seeing colour is actually pretty tricky! Here’s how it works. Inside our eyes are these tiny things. They’re called rods and cones. TIL that in ancient Rome, commoners would evacuate entire cities in acts of revolt called “Secessions of the Plebeians”, leaving the elite in the cities to fend for themselvesTIL about a murderer who got caught 4 years after the crime because he had gotten the murder scene tattooed on his chestTIL that residents in Surabaya, Indonesia can pay for the bus with plastic waste instead of money. Paying with plastic will grant you with 2 hours of travel. They read, “Remember the calamity of the great tsunamis.

The same goes for gifts. Nguyen’s parents, who left Vietnam during the war and eventually wound up in the Bay Area, received their first set of Corelle dishware as a housewarming gift around 2003. They have used them ever since, said Nguyen,who remembers sneaking dinner up to his room on a Corelle plate so he could play computer games against his parents’ wishes.

Equally frustrating is the “nothing has changed since slavery” line that seems to have gained currency in black political discourse as the realities of the Jim Crow world slip out of collective memory. Recently I was on a panel with a black political scientist who insisted that things had gotten no better for black people in this country since 1619; several years ago I saw Derek Bell, then a tenured Harvard Law professor, flamboyantly push a version of the same line. This is, of course, a self discrediting argument.

The win was doubly satisfying for the Iranians. This month Nike announced that it would not supply shoes to the Iranian team on account of American sanctions. After the football win, social media was awash with Iranians telling the shoe company, “We just did it without you.”.

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