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2016 was arguably the most interesting year of my life so far for a whole load of good and not so good reasons. But most interesting of all, it was the year that I properly discovered CrossFit (I say properly because I dabbled in Florida many years ago) and is why I’m here writing this post. For a variety of reasons I might explain one day, I took the risk of walking into my really not local CrossFit box, Crossfit 1971, in July of last year.

In China, it’s way lower just 18 percent of Chinese said they think it’s a very serious problem. That’s the lowest of all 40 countries surveyed. Here’s the rub: It’s not like people in China don’t think climate change is harming people now 49 percent said so.

Traffic citations for speeding do nothing to impact the accident rate. And Europe consistently shows us that speed is not the factor in accidents as many of their highways have higher limits. Driver training, and understanding basic fucking things like signaling, not being distracted, turning your fucking head and making sure the lane is clear before merging.

Beware auto enrollmentThis is when your current exchange insurer automatically renews your coverage. But you may not be getting the same coverage. Premium prices, provider networks and out of pocket costs may change. By the same token, Yellen has commenced slowly, ever so slowly, to shrink the enormous size of the Fed’s balance sheet. Its holdings swelled to almost $4.5 trillion nowadays from $905 billion in September 2008, at the outset of the crisis. To stimulate the economy amid the Great Recession, the Fed bought huge quantities of Treasury bonds and mortgage backed securities, with the aim of keeping their prices high and yields low as a way to promote private sector borrowing..

Even guys like Brady who has NOTHING left to prove, a beautiful family back home, but he still chooses to play and take the risk. These players will get a concussion and try to fight the coaches to let them back in to play. If THEY don care, why should I really.

Well. Any degree of profundity. In her review of the film, our own Lee Ferguson aptly pointed out that, “for all of the dazzling visuals, Cameron still doesn’t know how to write dialogue or characters of any depth.”The people in Avatar are mostly stock types with a flair forclichs, from the crusty colonel who shouts “You’re not in Kansasanymore!” to Neytiri, who spouts pearls like “You cannot fill a jarthat’s already full.” The actors all do their damnedest to make thisbunk plausible, with Worthington and Saldana in particular trying tochannel Leo and Kate under the weight of all the animation and earnest dialogue.Cameron claims that his novelization will adhere quite closely to the plot of Avatar the film albeit with some digressions into the “interior monologues” of some of the characters on the fictional planet Pandora.

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