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For years polo has been heralded as the “Sport of Kings,” with such decorated players as Prince Charles, Nacho Figueras, and Peter Brandt. These monarchs of elite sportsmanship receive praise from the highest of royalty. And these guys can teach you a thing or two about fitness.For the past four summers, I have dedicated my professional strength and conditioning knowledge to help train some of the most skillful athletes in the polo world names like Mariano Gonzales, Adam Snow, and Martin Pepa.

This Stovetop Chicken Pot Pie recipe could be used for a cheap easy weekday dinner or even a group meal for friends and family. It was a hit with my toddler and that is saying a lot. She doesn’t use a spoon very well but she was determined to eat the whole bowl, so she dropped the spoon and used her hands.

I deliberated for a few moments, and then thoughtthis is important. I clicked the share button on Facebook and joined the barrage of Facebook users who also felt compelled to hop on the bandwagon and share the video. We are brought up watching TV and playing with our smart phones, but it because our parents allow it.

That’s why it’s called “entertainment” it’s actually funny most of the time to see a man on the TV screen in a dress or wearing anything pertaining to a woman. But there are more Black Men that are wearing dresses in the entertainment industry often these days than in past times. This started way back in the day with Flip Wilson as Geraldine, which kind of started the decimalization of Black Men in the media..

Self care has morphed from making sure you get 8 hours of sleep and you are eating regular meals to getting manicures and highlights so you can feel good about yourself. The whole concept that women choosing to conform to gender norms is a feminist decision just because they have made a choice is a complete absurdity to me, yet here we are.benjybutton 90 points submitted 3 months agoThat exactly the reason why I a bit iffy about the rise of choice feminism. I all for women taking agency over their lives and doing whatever the heck they please, but the choices I make aren inherently feminist just because they made by a woman.

I passed the half way point feeling strong and one minute faster than I had done on my record race. I was in business. The constant uphill section of the race between 20 and 28km (12.5 17.5 miles) was upon me but I kept on going steady, reasonably relaxed, high fiving all kiddies holding their hands out for me, smiling at the people out to cheer.

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