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But the (ever more abundant) flesh is weak. And burritos are soooo tasty. So instead, every spring I simply let out my waistband a bit, while promising to redouble my dieting efforts next year. Phil Knight was Nike’s legendary leader who was also one of the most eccentric leaders of Fortune 500 companies. He usually put on sunglasses, with super “cool” figure. He used to be a athlete in long distance race and he started his cause with $1000 to create the physical Kingdom which was worth of tens of billions dollars .

You love your Ikea furniture, but would you live in an Ikea house? Scandinavians have the option to do just that with Ikea’s BoKlok developments, the first of which opened in Sweden. These apartments, filled with Ikea fixtures, are prefabricated, mass produced and cost about 25 percent less than comparable apartments in the area [source: Leland]. But as with Ikea furniture, there’s a little sweat equity involved in keeping costs low.

Just recently I had this wonderful idea of crushing/crumpling the plarn before crocheting. I realized this after I had to untangle an almost finished crocheted item because I ran out of plarn. I noticed how soft it was when I crocheted it again and there were less rough edges.

As the misplaced tissue grows, it can cover or grow into the ovaries and block the fallopian tubes. This can make it hard for women with endometriosis to get pregnant. The growths can also cause problems in the intestines and bladder.CausesNo one knows for sure what causes this disease, but scientists have a number of theories.They know that endometriosis runs in families.

Throughout the entire race, I had been cruising at a somewhat leisurely 7:45 ish mile pace. Not much faster than my workouts, but just enough to feel like I’m racing. I don’t know exactly what happened, whether I physically had a lot left in my tank, the energy from the Gus and shot were kicking in, or what, but I just felt a breath of fresh air throughout my entire body.

It remains to be seen if the kids will shell out $119.99 for the Curry One shoes. UA (UA) is a relative newcomer to the basketball business and it faces stiff competition from some well established rivals.Related: No way, Under Armour! Nike swooshes in with $300 million to keep Kevin DurantNike (NKE) and its Brand Jordan, the namesake shoe of basketball icon Michael Jordan, control 95% of the $4.2 billion market for basketball shoes, according to SportsOneSource.”Brand Jordan is a powerful force, especially among collectors and sneaker heads,” said Neil Schwartz, a market analyst at SportsOneSource. “It’s also very popular as casual athletic fashion.”By contrast, UA has about 2% of the market for basketball shoes.The “Dark Matter” shoe.

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